Reikes small life...

By Reike

Busy day

I gave a very successful Skype presentation on the potential treatment of Coronavirus related diseases with stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue in the morning. Then lots of very diverse work - discussing with lawyers about contracts and data protection being the data protection officer, updating SOPs regarding recall procedures as Quality Manager and Responsible Person, calling customers within Customer Service, rerouting transports with the logistics company thanks to Corona, emailing to gynaecologists as the Scientific Advisor of the company etc. etc.
A lot of things managed in one day. 

And then I went out with Djeili for an evening walk at the lake. Magical... 
(Until the boss called and I had to do some more emergency work)

Looking forward to four days of spending lots of time with Djeili, walking in the mountains behind the house where nearly nobody usually goes. 

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