A9 !

Overcast and cool today, mist down on the hills!

Up early to do an online dance class .......Highland Hustle is dance routines based on Scottish .highland dancing designed by a Perth girl ...great exercise! There were quite a few taking part on Zoom, from far and wide, a couple of girls from Australia & one from US and different parts of Scotland! 40 minutes !

Caught up with a few friends and drive the car around the village, it needed a run! Hasn’t been far this last few weeks! I stopped on the bridge over the A9 the main road from Stirling to Inverness (this is the stretch between Auchterarder and Perth )normally one of Scotland’s busiest roads ....... not today!

My dearest friend had managed to book a time slot on supermarket ( we were so excited!) delivered today, we’ve been sharing the slot when we can get one! She delivered it to me in late afternoon, that should last us 10 days fingers crossed!
Finished the Split tv series, now watching Liar! With being away most of March I've a fair bit of tv catching up to do!

outside clapping with neighbours for all key workers in these extraordinary times! It’s so emotional!

Boris is out of intensive care tonight ..........good news!

Good Friday tomorrow, it’ll be a different Easter this year!

A good day! Again!

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