Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog


a rainbow to the ground
two weeks of fallen snow

green and brown return

The overnight rain had taken most of the snow from the moor, and the showers and squalls continued through the day.

Not an ideal day for the Big Garden Birdwatch, but we managed:

Four Collared Doves
Three Goldfinches
Two House Sparrows
Two Carrion Crows
Two Blue Tits
One Coal Tit
One Great Tit
One Dunnock
One Starling
One Magpie
One Chaffinch
One Blackbird
And a Black-headed Gull on a chimey pot.

Missing from our 2012 results are Robin and Linnet, but otherwise a virtually identical set of species. 2011 was similar.

Time to revel in the return of a green world.

The Other End of the Rainbow.


This was Blip #787 - let's hope it doesn't get grounded.

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