By AnneILM60

Saturday morning breakfast

I was outside early this morning and got to work re-staking the bird feeders, feeding the squirrels and then tackling the job of scrubbing both the water fountain and the bird bath.

Before putting the bird bath back I was pounding the earth to fix that 1° slope! Now it is really level. Yay.

Kent has cut all the grass and put 10-10-10 in all the gardens and by all the plants. Pat was here, keeping her distance from us, but weed eating all edges etc and then putting weed & feed on the lawns.

This weed & feed is also to help prevent fire ants for 6 months. It will be interesting to see how effective it is.

It started out so much cooler today and so it made working in the yard easier on us. It has warmed up nicely to 61°F/16°C and so I’m outside in my chair and about to spend some time quietly reading.

Remember to be like Bigfoot - see extra!

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