By Rosemarie55

Easter Bunny!

10°C  -  Feels like 9°C  -  6 mph E Wind Speed  -  9 mph Gusts  -  Cloudy.  Very quiet day  -  not a bit like Easter Sunday!  No neighbour one side  -  Alec went into residential care a month ago and his house hasn't been sold yet.  My neighbour on the other aide is self-isolating somewhere else so her house is empty too.  Hardly any traffic on the road near me, and hardly any trains either.  Dead quiet except for the sound of bird song  -  that, at least, is cheery chirping.  I did get a visit from my little rabbit  -  he is a bit blurry here, but even though I was behind glass he seemed to sense me and ran off before I could get a better focus.  I should've put off the camera's AF-Assist Beam, because I think that's what was alerting him. The farmer was busy with his tractor in the field doing whatever farmers do when they've finished sowing their seeds!  No Easter holidays for farmers:)  Have a pleasant Easter Sunday, everyone:)

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