By Tryfan46

Easter tableau

A blip in the bag early on with this tableau of Easter symbols which caught my attention as I was gulping down this morning’s porridge.

A brisk walk around the lanes in the morning, a few people out and very few cars. What a pleasure it is to see so few.

Some uplifting news early on as Susan’s niece gave birth this morning to her third child and a third girl. Everyone doing well. A lovely event to happen on Easter Sunday associated as it is with rebirth and new life.

This afternoon Susan and I hosted the second weekly online Easter scavenger hunt with the Scottish relatives in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Forres. The Smith Bunny Boo team from Glasgow won on the very last question. It’s the turn of the Hairy Fairies to host next week’s hunt. That means Meet the Nockers will be back in the competition.

The 16 clues were amazing even though I say  so myself, all relating to Easter of course: “A rabbit like creature that lives on your head” and “Show a flower where sometimes a pencil is kept” and, one final example “Same name as a pantomime character sometimes found in an Easter egg. Answers on a postcard....

Had half an hour’s chat with Chris in California after that. The State locked down early on and seems to be benefiting from that decision. He thinks restrictions may begin to be lifted after the end of May.

Seems like it’ll be a whole lot colder tomorrow!

Enjoy the rest of Easter.

Edit: Susan pointed out that I omitted to mention that the beautiful bouquet which is the centrepiece of the shot was sent to her by her sister Barbara and David. What a thoughtful and uplifting surprise.

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