Keith B

By keibr

Happy Easter People!

I spent the day doing not very much, but in the nicest way.
People can’t get out and about at the moment and that is very sad, but it does bring some unexpected effects, one of which is that churches have moved online. We decided to “visit” Sutton Coldfield Baptist church for their morning service. For some reason we were getting a very broken signal there, so we gave up on that and switched to Oasis church in Waterloo, which my sister attends. We saw participants from Uganda, and Birmingham, as well as from London.  This evening we adjusted our technology a little and returned to Sutton Coldfield for an excellent and uplifting evening service.
Before I retired I used to work with this distance technology and I was very impressed by the level of expertise used in these services. I really felt I was sharing, taking part, in an act of worship. This was thanks to the people leading or directly participating in the service, the people who sent pictures/videos/texts in for inclusion, the musicians, and the technical team. I could see there had been a good amount of prepartation for the service from lots of people. Thank you all - you outperformed several university faculties who haven’t yet managed to get to your level of outreach!
I also spent a fair bit of time reading, as you can see in the blip, and of course Easter food played a part in the day, including a few chocolate eggs.
Now I'm off to watch a play from the Hampstead theatre - available to help people through this time of lock-down!

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