Trio of Blips

Happy Easter everyone, thought I'd include a cross for Easter even if it is only two contrails crossing each other. A rare sight nowadays and to see two aircraft at once is most unusual. Both were going in opposite directions, North and South.
Someone posted a blip recently showing the patio/drive being jetwashed to get rid of the mould and black of the winter. We used to jetwash but it is back breaking and damages the surface of slabs making it easier for the crud to take hold next winter.
We have found using cheap thick bleach, it's often on offer at the supermarkets, is not only much faster but gives much better and longer lasting results. I don't usually remember to do a before and after but doing the paths at the back of the garden I remembered this time when I was about 3/4 of the way through it. You can see the difference and the bleach hasn't even dried up yet.
The other one is Jonty, of course, on our morning walk.

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