Happy Easter ....

... my wonderful blip friends.

This past week I have been feeling a bit nostalgic .... maybe because of my mono Monday blip from last week or the memories that tiny Tuesday brought to mind.  So last night for the first time in forever I hard boiled six eggs so that Richard and I could color/dye them.  As I mentioned on Tuesday we used to travel to New York to spend Easter with my brother and his family.  They no longer live in New York so we now simply spend the day with each other .... which I love.

With everything happening the world over this Easter I have also been thinking about all the people that will now have to spend time alone ... my mother included.  She would usually spend the day with my sister but can't do that this year.  And there are so many of my blip friends that are in the same situation.  My heart goes out to you all.  ♥

As you can see by my collage Cheddar also wishes you a Happy Easter .... and click here for another Easter greeting!

After we had set up our little squirrel vignette I was very excited to see an Eastern chipmunk pop up in the backyard!  It had been a few days since we had seen one and I was concerned that something had happened to him.  The Downy woodpecker photo was taken on our walk at Housenick Park ... which continues to be open. 

I'm going to pass on posting the COVID-19 numbers for Pennsylvania today.   

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