Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Sunset sycamore

Sunset across the Kent estuary seen through a sycamore high up on the north side of the Knott. It had been a cool but bright day, and over night frost was forecast. On the way home from our evening walk with Gus, I stopped to cover the first shoots of the potatoes breaking through the soil cover. I also covered the Pelargoniums outside the house.

There should be more time for blipping at the moment, but somehow I can't find it. I have a backlog of backblips to go on, though as events beyond our slow moving and circumscribed life move so quickly, I can barely remember what happened yesterday, never mind several days ago.  I suppose the reason why I am struggling to find blip time is partly to do with spending a lot of this good weather getting the allotment in as good a state as when we first took it on 2 years ago.  That and keeping on with the learning project which seems ever more important now to hang onto in the confident belief that there is normal life again beyond this current international crisis, and that we will get to enjoy visiting places again beyond our current narrow boundaries.

Back blipped on 14 April.

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