By BernardYoung

Love In The Time Of Coronavirus No. 4

This is the week we were due to meet.
The hotel details are in my diary.
I was so looking forward to it.
Now there’s a black line through it.

Our tryst is trashed. It’s down the drain.
When will such a chance come again?
It won’t be in the near future.
Such luck that your partner
and my spouse were due to work away
from home at exactly the same time.
Mine had business abroad, in Paris.
Really! Yours too? Hard to believe this!

What a coincidence. Imagine
if their paths had crossed. Hilarious!
Perhaps they’d have mentioned us,
little knowing we are star-crossed lovers.

Ah well, c’est la vie, as the French say.
I stare at the crossed out Booking Ref
for our hotel (Z697)
and feel bereft. It would have been heaven

to have spent six nights locked down with you.
But I’m stuck in the house with my spouse
who appears as pissed off as me
about the change of plan. C’est la fucking vie!

Love you. Will call as soon as I can.

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