David J. Rose

By djrose007

We miss you too RubyX

I got back from Carterton this morning after dropping off shopping for Julia, too much to go on the bike despite the continuing gorgeous weather, and caught Emma the postie in our Close.
She had one letter for us, it was from Ruby. She'd done two paintings, one for each of us, and is doing another one for Betty (F.M.i.L.) which she will post later.
Marlane always called Ruby her 'Little Mouse' because she was so delicate and had a little button nose. Hence the painting of the mouse and the words "To Granny, Miss you so much, from your little mouse, Ruby XX"
And one for me of a motorbike "To Grandad, Miss you so much, Sorry you are missing Route 66".
How sweet is she, and just to prove she painted them  I've put two of Ruby in the collage. We found out later that her father, Luke, had painted the flower but you can't tell HAHAHAHAHAHA

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