Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Today’s picture shows some of the apple, pear and cherry blossom in our orchard. Both cherry trees are blossoming at the same time, as are the two pear trees, the small pear tree is not visible in this picture. Two of our apple trees, the same two as last year, do not have any blossom on them, but the other three have blossomed. The greengage and plum trees are not pictured. I hope tonight’s frost does not freeze all of it, although the birds have already been picking at the cherry blossom.
Late on Sunday night I developed Conjunctivitis in my left eye. It is fifty years since I have had this problem, which was a nuisance until I left school and always in the left eye. The surgery has prescribed some antibiotic eye drops; I am waiting for them to be delivered from the pharmacy.

The temperature today was nine degrees Celsius at GMT noon. Although it was only nine degrees at lunchtime, it felt quite warm as the sun was shining.

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