By Ridgeback13

Marking time

Felt a bit of a nothing day....supposed to be on leave this week apart from the daily Covid planning meetings, but by the time I’d caught up with C and V, then followed up on a couple of emails, it was nearly lunchtime. Don’t know where the afternoon went....kept thinking I’d go out for a walk but it didn’t look very inviting out and felt chilly.
At the end of the day I went to meet H’s sister Iz who is leaving after her first year as a vet student here and is storing some of her stuff at my flat over the summer. Because V has the car at the moment I walked round and we wheeled her huge cases back then struggled to get them up the stairs and stowed away. She treated me to a Thai takeaway and whilst we waited for it to arrive we FaceTimed the kids and chatted about their day and their dinners etc.
Lovely to chat to Iz (a real 3-D person!) about how her first year’s gone, her plans for the summer and next year, and generally hear about how she’s doing. Sounds like she’s had a great time
After she left to go and finish her packing I slumped a bit....not the most useful of days

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