By USAHIhifriends

On the reef

Met up with a friend to go to the early evening farmers' market in the high school's parking lot.   Never been.   It was fun.   And physical distancing was definitely enforced.   So - since I was out - decided to check out the ocean (as one does).
This is off Maunalua Bay.   Loved his large hat which lends this fisherman a western attitude.   Our weather is still  . . .  unsettled  . . .   a loud thunder and lightning storm woke us up in the wee hours.
The bank was already closed by the time I got there, so that goes on the list for next outing.   Hit a few other stores, and then happily went home.

Went by Sandy Beach on the way and could not believe my eyes - it looked exactly like a giant hand had swept the sand up from the waterline and dropped it further up.   The parking lot wall was totally buried and the sand flowed into the lot and over the lifeguard station.  Waves had been reported as 1-3 ft.   Have no idea what happened.  No parking available, and it was late, so this puzzle will have to wait for tomorrow.

Morning newspaper headline : NEW CASES DECLINE
The number of COVID-19 cases in Hawaii crossed the 500 mark Monday with one of the lowest numbers of new cases in several weeks.   Officials cautioned not to read too much into the low number, saying it is likely a reflection of the rate of test reporting over the holiday weekend.

And :  The weekend curfew was considered a success, and likely a one-time-only imposition.    Let's see if it's needed, shall we?

And :  Fabric stores to open as essential businesses!    On Friday, Fabric Mart was ordered to temporarily close its stores because it did not comply with the mayor's stay-at-home order, which previously said fabric stores were not considered essential.     DOH . . .   You want masks made for everyone  . . .  !?!

Stay well, stay inside and take care, everyone.

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