By FrankS

In the Garden

I didn't get out for my daily walk today, though I did do thirty minutes on the exercise bike so that hopefully counts towards my statutory exercise, I'd hate to upset the people who are strictly policing these activities!

I did spend some time in the garden sun too, lunch, doze and photo taking.  My original aim was to get some bee pics as there were a few about, especially on the forget-me-nots.  I've added a couple to the extras. I chose this picture of the blue tit on the feeder with the backdrop of the lilac tree because I like how the light is falling on it and the way the tit has turned his head to have a look at me.

The other(?) excitement of the day was a long Zoom session with my friend John.  It was his birthday yesterday, a BIG ONE, and he had planned a large garden party with family and friends.  Unfortunately that all had to be cancelled and instead he is having a family Zoom party on Saturday and a friend's Zoom party on Sunday, to which Ann and I have been invited.  

Thanks to Cailleach for hosting today's Wild Wednesday 

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