Edge Hill Panorama (Widwed150420)

We went out for a bike ride this afternoon to get some fresh air and exercise. Started off intending to do the same route as last week, but at the top of herd hill (the high point) it was going well so we decided to add on an extra section and extend the distance - so we ended up doing 23km which in the warm sunshine was a very welcome change from just seeing the inside of the house and garden.  

My main image is a panorama, possibly ~160 degrees, looking toward Edge Hill in the middle, Little Kineton on the left and Oxhill to the right where you can just see Gill.   Here on Strava if you have access.

My heart rate was up to ~168 at one point, which I think means there is life in the old dog yet :-)  Electrifying Gill's bike looks to have been a success as she still gets the exercise, enjoys being able to pass me up the hills and we are covering the ground at about the same rate. 

In the extra - a view into Tysoe just as we arrived at the edge of the village. 

Thanks to everyone who has visited and commented on my journal recently - all much appreciated.
Thanks to Freyjad for hosting Wide Wednesday on the theme of Local Landscape.

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