This morning I woke (late... dinner with friends last night) to find the snow had completely gone. It made me realise all the more the importance of not missing moments.

Unless you *really* need to catch up on sleep of course.

This afternoon was sunshine and showers but I headed for a short walk round Yeadon Tarn at sunset. It's in a great position to catch the sunset and as has happened many times from this place, I was lucky enough to get some rays from behind a cloud too. Much of the tarn was still frozen and it gave some gorgeous light and colour reflections.

Last night and today you overwhelmed me with your generosity for Sunrise in the Snow. I enjoyed the whole experience of getting that photograph so much. It was painful at times but that made the experience as a whole all the more special, and the generosity of your comments made it so much more special. Thank you.

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