Small Blue Thing (WFW20_03)

Decided to cut the grass first thing, and then a short walk to to give my achilles a mild stretch and post a birthday card for Ariadne.   Not entirely sure that did any good,  although it is slowly improving.

Seeking a flower image,  I found these Forget me Nots in the railway cutting so they have become my blip before the rain arrives :-)

Edit: Gill says this is something she planted! However, it looks just like the wild FMN's on the far side of the cutting and the label she found (in the greenhouse) says it is a type of FMN, so I hope it still counts :-). It is, Brunnera macrophylla which has very similar flowers with a white centre rather than blue and it would be wild if it were in the woodland of Eastern Europe!

Thanks to Biker Bear for hosting Flower Friday
and Miranda1008 for Wild Flower Week 3

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