By suehutton

Queuing for the Greengrocer

I haven't been out in the car since the beginning of the month.

Today I was resolved to go to the greengrocer stall (Halls of Syston) in town to be sure that I had the vegetables I wanted for the next week or more.  So Len and I drove into the middle of Shepshed together.

I didn't have to wait long in the queue as there were several people serving. This stall has been coming every Friday since the market was reinstated several years ago. Only Halls continues to come every week and so glad of that am I, because it was likely to be the only chance we'd get to see a choice of vegetables.

However, the shopping trip cost me more than four times what it would have done in normal times. Cauliflowers were £2.50 each. I managed to get the last smallish head of broccoli for around £4.

The corn on my foot has been really painful today after Len put on a plaster to protect it. If anything, it's exacerbated the pain. Thus I did not walk Basil today. He's been gazing expectantly at me all afternoon.

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