Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Colourful wild flowers

The sunlight was bright and beautiful at 6-ish when making my little walk around the block. Apart from peeping into the small gardens of neighbours with flowers and/ or fruittrees, olive trees; there are also some pieces of waste land around with the most gorgeous wild flowers. These beauties with the red painting are from such a piece of land 
=> Nasturtiums as Sussie & Miranda wrote me.

It's Good Friday here and that means that the churches ring their bells in arythmic sequence thus to mark the mourning. 

Normally people would go to church and pay their respects, mourn and listen to the service.... Now we are to stay home and can follow the services that are streamed Live on tele from monasteries and or main churches (Mitropolis church) from all over Greece. 

Enjoy your Weekend and Stay Safe, stay in like us here. 

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