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Resources - Podcasts for Photographers

With so many Blippers at home, we're planning to share with you some short community posts with a few resources that you may find interesting and which might provide quite a pleasant way to switch off.

Please do add your suggestions for other free online photography resources you've enjoyed.

There's a huge amount out there and it would be great if we can give each other up-to-date ideas.

So let’s kick things off with podcasts!

A great place to start would be The Togcast, started in 2016 by U.K. photographers Sam Gregory and Paul Sanders.
There are now more than 70 inspiring episodes covering a wide range of subjects and genres of photography. Find out more here:

There are of course so many others.
Here are just a few of them to check out:

Hit the Streets with Valerie Jardin

First Man Photography Podcast

The Landscape Photography Podcast

This Week in Photo

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

On Taking Pictures

If you can recommend any others please leave us a comment below.

Our next topic will be online learning!

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