By Janashields


Early breakfast after a sleepless night-Mr Great Spotted Woodpecker was already enjoying his breakfast when I got up-photo taken through a closed window sadly as he is rather nervous.  A visit to the Co-op on the way to work-at 7.45 I was their sole customer.  Shopping dumped in Paul 's car as he was just finishing a night shift. A morning at work-so much better than yesterday-time spent working on our Standard Operating Procedure for dealing with samples-all are now deemed to be high risk and handling is altered accordingly.  Home for lunch-I briefly visited the pond but it was too cool for sitting.  When Paul got up we did some more chopping back of the big railway hedge-the Hazel has been thoroughly coppiced.  The baby rabbit is back in my greenhouse-he's quite clever really-it's warm , sheltered, he's hidden from predators and there is food and drink on tap. Thai Green Curry cooked by Cait and another quiz night tonight. 

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