By scotguide


Up’s fish van man day! Plus while waiting for the man, I checked Tesco for a delivery exciting there was one for Thursday! Yay! ...good start to the day! :)

Stocked up the fridge with haddock and salmon fillets and a wee treat of a few scallops! Mmmmmm!

It’s been a cold wind today, no sun till after 1700!
There was a bit of deck oil left in the tin from last year, after I’d power washed the deck yesterday, I had hope there would be enough for to coat the wee deck............almost! Just a wee bittie not covered! Not bad!

Delivered the fish I’d bought for my forever friend in the village, it’s so good we can support each other! Had a cuppa in the garden 2 metres apart , not quite so windy as the other day!

Scallop dinner was delicious.....what a treat!

Quiz evening with colleagues good fun again!

A very fine Friday!

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