Return to the North

By Viking


Left off with the walk today because I knew I had gardening to do and boy am I feeling it in my glutes and thighs tonight.

So blip - almost abandoned jewellery - why wear it when you don’t go anywhere!, body butter- getting through loads of it because I’ve permanently got my hands in water ! Echo dot - there’s only so much TV you can watch, music is my first love. We now have one in the lounge and my bedroom (who said they were saving money on lockdown?) and finally the painkillers, essential item tonight so that I could physically get back off the bed after a lie down and so I can get out of bed in the morning!
On the plus side some of the front gravel has been weeded (don’t ask) and a local garden centre made a delivery (what was that again about not spending on lockdown??) and so I’ve planted up three small troughs with petunias and marigolds. Tomorrow beetroot, spring onions, red onions and spuds to be planted. Oh joy! Another workout for the glutes and more ibruprofen

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