By Anniemay


I set myself the target of writing a poem every day for National Poetry Writing Month. I’ve been sending the poems to #2 son Dan. This morning he send me a poem he’d written. I’m really glad my poems encouraged him to be creative. In turn he encouraged a friend to write a poem too. So these poems are not mine but I like to think they are are the babies of my efforts :-))))

Who switched on 5g
Was it the Chinese
Or is it a plot
To keep us in all in place?
They said we should all stay home
But it’s lizard overlords need to atone
Boris got the virus
Or was it just a ruse
We can’t drink a beer with friends
And all we get to eat
Is fast delivery food
The media folk are happy
They’ve got our attention again
Their reporting’s been nothing but extremist
And everyone out there’s just an opportunist
By Dan

people are sitting at home missing their dose of methamphetamine
no booze no drugs no pills to numb the pain
our new friend coronavirus refuses to be contained
it's already made me miss my favourite festival
some of the symptoms may even be gastrointestinal
so cough and sneeze but do it from afar
before you're pelted with stones and put in a jar
we've found ourselves amidst a pandemic
your only best friend is your neighborhood chemist
and if you recover, you may still get it back
there is no winning from a coronavirus attack
By Dan’s friend

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