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Slightly OTT

Today I finally did a job that has been calling to me for some time. Taking cuttings from the over-wintered geraniums. I love geraniums, and some of these mother plants have been with me for quite a while. I tend to take pity on the original plants - at least for a while. If they buck up after being used as a cutting source, they will get new soil and renewed life. If all these take, I will drown in them! In fact, I usually give some away. Anyway, it's a bit late but hey ho.

I raked a bit inthe garden, avoiding the snowy areas, and the very soggy areas of still deep frozen ground. It is a bit strange to have winter conditions right next door to new growth showing through. Probably the snow will be gone in a few days, the more south facing areas of the garden are clear. 

We have blocked off the little window in our bedroom, the one that faces the rising sun and wakes one of us up around 4 every morning. I sleep so much better now! soon the big window will need its big sheet of cardboard too, but so far it's enough to block out the dawn light. We have roll down blackout blind, but there are spaces around the edges and it is all too bright!

Lovely sunny day today, but the wind continues to be blustery. One of the old dead firs came down in the last few days. It belongs to our neighbour but he has told us to take the wood from about 5 similar trees, if we want. It burns well but spits a lot so the fire guard is needed if we use the open fireplace upstairs. 

I finished off the 4 little note books today, sticking the covers onto the book block is the most fraught part of the process and I really messed up one of the books, well half of it. So 7 sides were reasonable and one side wasn't. I will rescue it probably, with clever disguising of the wrinkles and mess. I've applied lace to the covers this time, to see how it goes. It looks lovely, but it might all fall off or be impractical. Time will tell.

I am learning how to boil rice flour and water to make paste, and exploring what the paste is good for. I have made several experiments which are currently drying, face down on glass sheets, similar to the way you work with mounting Chinese rice paper. It was good to play!

Last night's Phantom of the Opera was a wild ride, very noisy and screamy in places, but I enjoyed a bit of high drama and silly story-line. Tonight we thought we'd listen to Angel Carter's Wise Children. I'm enjoying all this culture arriving in my home. We hardly turn the TV on these days, but this sort of things is so good, & we do watch things on Netflix sometimes.  

The news continues to be full of more or less shocking things. Today I heard about people with guns demanding the USA lockdown is ended. I despair. How do these characters think countries work? Mind you, the same question could be asked of the great orange one. I am restricting my intake of "news" a lot right now, see above. Hope your weekend is delivering delight!

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