Thirlmere and Raven Crag from Slipping Crag

The Government's new guidelines announced yesterday stated that it is OK to drive to a walk provided the walk is longer (In duration) than the drive. We popped the 4 miles down to the road behind Thirlmere and did the second walk in our book by Bill Birkett (Birkett's are similar to the Wainwrights, but there are over 500 of them).

This is part of a wider panorama shot from the top of Slipping Crag, with Helvellyn to the left of centre on the other side of Thirlmere, and Raven Crag right of Centre, which we also walked up.

Thirlmere is so often avoided by tourists and walkers, but I think the views from the fells above Thirlmere are some of the best.

Saw no-one on the walk at all.

NB: Since the Government guidelines, the police have made further interpretations of the rules, so it is acceptable to drive a significant distance for a country walk if you live in a built up area, but if you live in the country, driving even a short distance is deemed unnecessary. I'm getting more confused by the day, but we'll leave the car at home until things are made clearer. 

Still, for one day only - enjoy a photo taken from slightly further afield than I've manged for the last three weeks!

Today would have been my Dads 102nd birthday. He was a wonderful man. 

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