French Italia

By FrenchItalia

Embracing Lockdown

Its time we may never get again as a family, The bonding is wonderful, and cricket always wins in out house!
So he hasnt lost his over arm bowling and our son hasn't lost the power behind the bat.
Strategic garden chairs upside down and sideways as fielders! and a bix for the wicket.
Sunshine helps and these 2 finished painting our daughters bedroom on a weekend Almond white as instructed.

i had my run this morning really didnt want to get up today but knew I wouldn't run otherwise.
I wish The UK would just accept lockdown is lockdown to save lives, it seems to be getting busier out there!!! Media coverage is not helpful so I prefer to stay in my microworld at home and garden.

The courgette, tomatoe, radish, Rocket seeds are up so soemthing to take care of and nurture.
Watched a new drama on I Player last night Trigonometry I.thought it was good

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