Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Graveyard angel

In Grange Cemetery, which was another new place for me. Again, the streets getting there were busy enough to make the trip not that relaxing, but I enjoyed the cemetery enough to make it all worth it. Grange Cemetery is grander and better kept than Morningside Cemetery which you might expect as the Grange is a very well-to-do neighbourhood with lots of large houses worth well over a million pounds, whereas the likes of me lives in Morningside in a flat worth a fraction of that - although it's still a good area to live!

This memorial was to "Bessie Stewart Smith, wife of Alexander Leopold Sanson died 17th March 1927 aged 50 years. Alexander Leopold Sanson died 24th August 1953 aged 80 years." So he was a widower for 26 years. Again there were recent graves, including some for infants and children. There were more people around than in Morningside Cemetery and you couldn't switch off from social distancing. I was also not the only one who sat in the sun for a while. I'm sure I will go back to this cemetery which was another place I wouldn't have explored if we had been living our normal lives (will we ever go back to what was normal before?) but I have a soft spot for Morningside Cemetery as a more private place.

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