By Ronniebofa

Weight loss journey 19042020 progress report

Weekly progress report: weight loss of two weeks ago regained!!
Starting weight (25 May 2018 = 273lb)
Today’s weight = 191.6 lb
Average weight last week = 189.5 lb
Average weight this week = 190.7 lb
Weight gain this week = 1.2 lb
Note: I weigh every day first thing and calculate weight loss based on average weight for the week.

Week 4 of the lockdown and I’m sorry to say the weight loss of 2 weeks ago (1.8 lb) has all but gone. I know why but that’s no excuse and I will have to be more active if I want to continue eating the amount I do. Afraid to say all the heavy work at the allotments has been completed and I must find some other strenuous exercise to burn those calories. Maybe I should do more walking as Louise from the Fit4Life class managed 2,000 more steps in her one hour walk on Friday than I did in 4 hours gardening at home!!
This once a week shopping does not help either as you tend to have more treats in the house after your shop and it’s difficult to resist having more than you would normally when treats were purchased individually on the day they were to be consumed. It does not help when those on Messenger blatantly advertise their misdemeanours (John White that’s you with your late night bakes of chocolate crispies and carrot cakes), which is too much for my willpower.
So the coming week exercise wise?? I have yet to bite the bullet and do more than just watch Active Stirling’s on-line classes. Watching is not doing and it’s so difficult to motivate oneself without the impetus derived from classmates, the “ competitive” class environment and the class banter. I will have to go on more walks and ensure I meet my daily 10,000 step target which I only did twice this week. Diet wise I will have to stop buying as many treats at my weekly shop and also resist that nightly wee tonic associated with social media banter with fellow Fit4Lifes (John and Louise – your guilty too and a bad influence on someone looking for any excuse!!)
I hope you all have had a good week and that you are keeping safe and fit in these uncertain times. I also hope that the lockdown is not having too much of a detrimental effect on your scales. Keep positive and safe.

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