David J. Rose

By djrose007

RSL1654 condition

A good while ago, in 2012, I blipped the RSL (Range Safety Launch) 1654 that operated at RAF 1151 Marine Craft Unit in Malta. After many years of great service to the community and RAF she was taken over by the marine section of the Armed Forces Malta as C20. She was later sold to a private owner and then found up on blocks in front of her old workshop hangar in Marsaxlokk, Malta. 
The sailing club building was in front of her and when I was there in 2012 it had been demolished and a new restaurant was being built.

The condition of RSL1654 is deteriorating year on year and restoration hopes are long gone. 
These two photographs were sent to me by a chap who had been on holiday in Malta in March and he knew about my website so he sent them to me as an update.
If you are interested the website is at http://rsl1654.weebly.com and I have posted a couple of extra photographs of RSL1654 in her heyday.

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