By spannarama

Heath sunset

Another relaxing day.  I'm still not feeling great, so taking the chance to recover from yet another busy week.  Cleaned the shower this morning, then phoned my sister for the first time in ages - had a really lovely catch up with her - we were on for well over an hour.  

Made a veggie soup for lunch after that, then had a pretty quiet afternoon - although I did do another half-hour of work.  I promise to get out of that habit soon; it's just there's so much of it at the moment....

Leftover bobotie for dinner, then Tim and I took a walk over to the heath at sunset (going a bit further this time - to the bandstand).  Very peaceful (if you ignore the roads that criss-cross it) and very beautiful.  I love these red grasses that pepper the heath at this time of year - took quite a few shots with the setting sun behind.

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