By jac1954

Fern at sundown

Asparagus Fern this is one of my most favorite plants.
Why because it brings back memories of my childhood.
With my mum.
She fed it tea leaves.
she forgot about it.
but it grew up the curtains and across the room.
It's strange where memories come from.
out of the blue. POW!!!!
And it gets you to a place you thought you had forgotten.
Your Past.
But it will always be with you and it can pop into your head happy or sad
It never asks if you want it to visit it just comes .
you could be brushing your hair.
walking the dog.
making a cake.
weeding the lawn.
This one of mine takes me back to when I was about five ,basin hair cut .
Tartan skirt red with shoulder straps,that fall down continually.
And this is what makes us what we are. 
Keep safe and make more memories.

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