Daze of our lives

Having procrastinated to the extent that I today found a spider’s web on my keyboard, I thought it might be wise to get my arse into gear and complete the translation that has been hanging over my head for the past four weeks. Deadlines are, after all, the real mothers of invention.
So I roused myself from my pit and dragged myself to the office and spent another whole day trying to find ways to translate sentences that have little or no meaning into French. The hope is that as a non-native French speaker, I will find a way to make them interesting. After the past 3 weeks of slog, I can tell you I haven’t. I have, however, completed the task and have sent it off to my réviseures, who manage to make sense of my garbled efforts and turn it into something approximating an intelligible text.
So there has been little in the way of blip opportunity today, other than this rather splendid sunset, which I caught sight of as I had finished reading Ottawacker Jr. his bedtime story and was making my way downstairs.
Finally managed to speak to my uncle and aunt today – they are both well and, now discharged, able to recover at home. It’s his birthday tomorrow – 81 – and he really is the luckiest person alive. One day I will sit down and write a comic play about him and his adventures. One day, I will sit down and write.
But now, it is time for bed.

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