BoHingles Blips

By BoHingles

A splendid day.... it could be with all things considered.

First a road ride amongst the lanes of Shropshire and Staffordshire in glorious sunshine, it was a little chilly at first but the blue sky made up for that.

Just 35 miles but the fresh air was amazing and it was more than I did yesterday which was pretty much feck all.

Later on I made the excuse to drop off milk and a few other items at my parents house.

It is my Mums birthday today and it was crap to only see her from a distance and not be able to give her a big hug let alone let her hold her baby granddaughter. 

We have some serious family time to catch up on.

This time last year I was in Wales partying with my mates and two years ago I was in Orlando, Florida celebrating my mums 70th with my family. How things have changed this year.



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