By Terrifo

Mono Monday - Out of Focus

An early start this morning! Not because I wanted one, but because I woke up and could not get back to sleep. 4hrs. 21 mins according to my fitbit :-(

So got up made a cup of coffee, watched the BBC Business news, and got the day started. When I saw where the sun was in the sky, I got my camera headed out the front door to take pic of the  Pasque flowers of a couple of weeks ago, those flowers had died to leave the wonderful wispy seed heads moving in the brisk easterly wind.

Had a couple of jobs to do this morning, after which I did a quick bit of shopping in S'bury's as it was quiet, and no queues, and back home. 

There are a couple of webinars to watch this afternoon, So I will catch you all later, thank you for popping in ;-)

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