Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Orange Tip

Today I struck lucky and had an Orange Tip posing for me.He must have been replenishing his energy stores after a manic morning of racing along the path and probably mating with several females. He did have a bit of a stand off with another male but it was over in a flash. We had been for our walk to the daffodils and had spotted several Orange Tips racing along the path but they were not in the mood for stopping. It was on our way home that I spotted this one on the corner - not far from Dragonland. There was a blue butterfly too but that was even more manic than the Orange Tips. It has been a lovely sunny blue sky day and even with the chill wind off the North Sea it was rather pleasant. 
Thank you to everyone who stopped by on my blipday yesterday. You are a very special group of friends and I feel very humbled by the lovely comments you all posted. Thank you. x

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