By Miffy


……………..…& White

Blue is a favourite colour until my attention turns to flowers and then white blooms win hands down!

This small flower includes a touch of blue along with white as the crystals sparkle in the morning light.

The elegant bloom was made and bought in Amsterdam - and holds special memories of my time visiting the city of bikes.

Thank you for the many visits, the lovely comments, stars and hearts for yesterday’s softly out of focus anemone - which is white! And as my entry for the Mono Monday challenge.

Coronavirus - Day 27 of Lockdown in NZ
Total coronavirus cases across NZ is 1445
An increase of 5 new cases 
Death Toll across NZ is now 13, an increase of 1 (female in 70's)
Number in Hospital 12 - with 3 of these in ICU
Recovered  1006 - meaning more half of those infected have now recovered
Total number of people tested for virus across NZ  89,503  (all random testing results to date are negative)

These statistic are for the whole of NZ and announced daily at 1pm via a live broadcast on national TV. 

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