There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Red Barn

I took the day off, and my husband and I went for some hikes and ran some errands. It turned into a sunny, breezy afternoon. Our first little hike of the day was at Fairbrook Park, not far from where we live, via backroads. We took our own bag chairs, and walked on the little trail and sat and read our books.

The park always felt sort of big because it is contiguous to huge farm fields that I always assumed belonged to Penn State. In the summer, the corn stalks are green, and in autumn, they turn to gold.

But now, there are big signs saying you are not permitted to access those farm fields, which is a sad restriction for this photographer. Such curtailed access makes the park seem much smaller. This change is a big disappointment to me.

We did have a lovely view, though, of a nearby farm, with a farmhouse and a big red barn. And the red truck next to it looked like something straight out of a ZZ Top music video. So we'll try to enjoy what we still have, which is a pretty good view!

The song is for the farmers: John Mellencamp, with Rain on the Scarecrow.

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