By HClaireB

Watching the world go by

I read recently that extroverts are having a harder time with lock-down than introverts (extroverts who gain energy from other people, and introverts who are drained of energy by other people).  MrHCB and I are both fairly introverted so we are enjoying our own and one another's company.

We had a photographic society meeting last night on Zoom, and it was wildly successful.  About 40 people popped in (out of a membership of 50 odd) and 25 people managed to post, and talk about, one or more images, mainly taken during lock-down.  We have our fair share of extroverts and you could see how much they thrive on the company.  After two hours of excited chat and uproarious laughter, I was exhausted.

MrHCB and I went for a long walk through the countryside this morning to recover our tranquillity.

I don't think it is our beloved Chairman in the extra, but it could have been!

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