Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Light and shadow from the evening sunlight through an engraved vase.

The vase was a wedding gift, long ago Had no idea whom it was from, so apologies for not writing to thank you, whoever you are out there. All these years after that time, and I now have my suspicions of whom, and why it was allegedly an unknown source. It wasn't me that opened the package, took it out, and put it on the mantelpiece, where it's been ever since. All knowledge of it was denied, by ex, and the two offspring, none of them even knowing how it got there. Can only do as we shouldn't, and assume. Assume it wasn't to be mentioned, that being out of misjudged jealousy, borne of major insecurities. Some things you find out too late, or I was too foolishly honourable to walk away from, when I should have. The fact they'd had no inclination to take it when we parted, reinforces my assumption. I like it, save for one thing, it's a constant reminder of that time. Eventually it will be given or taken away. Sad that it still bothers me, nigh on two decades later...

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