Common lichens and faeces on a gravestone

In the cemetery I walked back by a different route amongst some of the wilder parts. I saw some spectacular lichens in one area and took a few pictures of the headstones with the quite common yellowish lichens that seem to thrive on this limestone.

On this headstone I noticed a collection of material which must be faeces. They were on the cross of the headstone at about three feet above the ground. It occurred to me that they might be at a place where owls perch at night time, as we regularly hear tawny owls in our garden. Possibly a fellow blipper can shine a 'light' on these matters.

On another note, I have to report that I had an accident where I fell a few feet down from the edge of our garden patio, landing on my shoulder mostly. Helena arranged to get me to the Minor Injuries Unit at our very local hospital, only three hundred yards away. I was swiftly examined, then x-rayed and diagnosed with a possible fracture of the right shoulder joint. I was given a sling to stop my arm moving and have to wait for a phone consultation with a specialist at Gloucester Hospital within a few days. Oh dear. I'm right handed and realise that my movements will be quite hindered for a few weeks. So no use of my cameras, and I'm hoping my mobile will give me some future blips. We shall see.

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