The box

We have an organic farm in a neighboring little town. From them I had ordered the 'Farm Share Resilience Box' online the night before with a  'pick up time'. 1 PM was available for the following day. When I arrived, I did not see any cars. I was greeted by a young lady with a mask and gloves and she told me to drive around the building for the pick-up.  
Then I saw at least 50 other cars in the pick up line and very, very slowly we moved to the front of the line, where they quickly loaded the box in my car and I purchased the strawberries. You may have thought they were giving away 'free food'...I asked if this was the '1-3 pick-up line', no, was the answer, this is from '1-4'. I replied, 'Yes, and we all arrived at the same time'.
In the end it was worth it for organic fresh vegetables and fruit from the farm. All I have to do, is to make tasty dinners with all the greens.

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