Another visit to Bluebell wood

Out at 9.30 and walking down the path in brilliant sunshine towards the woods. I had googled that the best time for the smell was mid morning. I got the perfume as soon as I entered the woods. I sat on the log again, taking in the view of flowers and hearing the birds it was so beautiful. A treat to the senses. I sat for at least 30 mins, took loads of photos. I faffed about with a photo see extra. 
I popped out to the coop this afternoon for more lettuce etc, and just infront of me in the queue was the headteacher of the school I do the reading in. She is well and the staff are all ok, they have 30 children on roll to go in, today only 6. Everyone seems to forget how hard the teachers are working and the essential job they are doing. She told me the most fraught parents are the managers of Aldi!!. 
Thank you for the comments, stars and hearts on recent blips. 

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