love light

By lrw

CoronaDiaries III

Probably my last stab at this project, at least for now. My models are getting tired of my badgering ;)

Yesterday when I did both the background image and the foreground with the models, I had the good sense to have another camera loaded with film to do some additional images. In this case, it's a 120 roll film medium format camera. I took six images of Karin and six of Kim but had not yet exposed the second exposures. I did this second exposure this morning in our rear garden (so I think I am okay with the posting rules ;) )

This film, Kodak Tmax 100 seems to have some odd artifact along one edge. I think there may have been a light leak, I'm hoping from my handling the film, not from the camera body. But it's not so bad and besides, it kind of looks cool too. 

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