Sensored Views

By CMPhoto

Day 114 - A is for ...Alan the Acer

Whist sitting in the garden at lunch-time I told my wife I was having problems getting a good “A” word or thing to photograph for today’s 365 project.

She looked around the garden and pointed at the tree in the pot to our left, “ Acer”, she said, “Alan the  Acer”.

I feel I must explain that we tend to give names to the small trees we have in pots in our garden, Olive…the Olive, Bruce the Spruce and an unknown palm tree type organism called Spikey Norman.

So, I photographed Alan from the other side into the sun. The light coming through those feathery leaves was gorgeous. A large aperture and a fast shutter speed stopped most of the breeze movement of Alan and the blurred effect from the aperture was lovely.

I suppose I could have called this “abstract” as well.

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