... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Seven Islands Pond: Growing Glowing Brood

Even more in large.
Extras: Three, not two, Falling and flapping, Bob, Flappy dance, Posing in a curve, First Cornetto, Gosling stepDrinking

Mum, Im, and I went to Mitcham Common to see the goslings (with the dSLR)... There were 9 goslings (max.) on Thursday, but the parents had 10 today, although one was appreciably smaller and paler than the others (the central outlier here) so presumably they've mopped up someone else's younger gosling. The curious-looking one here was actually shaking, and its shed droplets are visible in large.
I couldn't choose, so have posted loads of the goslings doing their thing. Imogen preferred "Flappy dance", "Three, not two", and "First Cornetto", whereas I was most drawn to the detailed shots like "Bob", "Gosling step", and "Drinking".

Others here (or right from 10 goslings!?)

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