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Levelling The Playing Field

War and oppression ends in terrible results. The idea for each side is to level the playing field, on their own behalf. Sadly, the opposing side rarely agrees.

This morning I was enamoured with the blips commemorating Anzac Day, the Australian and New Zealand anniversary date for recognition of those who died in WWI, which now respects those from all wars.

April 25 also marks the anniversary of the Carnation Revolution in Portugal. In 1974 almost no shots were fired, and carnations were offered to the soldiers when the population took to the streets to celebrate the end of the dictatorship.  Since 1933, Portugal had been governed by an authoritarian dictatorship, the Estado Novo or New State. A central gathering point for the  revolution was the Lisbon flower market, then richly stocked with carnations. Some of the insurgents put carnations in their gun barrels, an image broadcast on television worldwide. The revolution changed the government to a democracy and produced enormous social, economic, territorial, demographic and political changes. In this case, the opposing side, the losing side, may not have agreed but acquiesced.

And the rain is falling and I believe
My time has come
It reminds me of the pain I might leave
Leave behind

~ Grace, Jeff Buckley

Exercise Bike:
Music: Jeff Buckley, Grace Album, Excerpt-The Last Goodbye
Video: Arlberg - The Hidden Paradise (Austrian Mountains)

Jeff died in accidental drowning after only one studio album.
While not having attained enormous success in the U.S., while alive, the international touring was non-stop for several years. The Grace album eventually reached 7 X Platinum status. In Australia.

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