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Evening light

We have a small Japanese Maple in a large pot sitting underneath an ancient Yew tree which occupies the space between the driveway and the back door. It’s been neglected for most of its time with me (probably 15 years) yet somehow it manages to survive and occasionally thrive despite my lack of care and attention. This evening as the sun descended it looked magical.

I tried to capture it with my coolpix A but this light was beyond it’s capabilities so the DSLR came out with a relatively rare but truly wonderful 58mm fixed focal length f1.4 lens attached.

Note to self, try & use the DSLR for more blips...

In other news...

Pre-seed fertiliser was distributed over the courtyard lawn last night before a good watering and followed by grass seed today. The spreading of compost over the seed was started but a myriad of distractions this afternoon meant only about half a dozen wheel barrows worth was achieved. Another 50 or so barrows to go.

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